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1967 Thunderbird

I own a 1967 Thunderbird with power windows. The parts for these vintage birds are very hard to find, if at all.The rear power window on my passenger side failed to work although you could hear the motor humming; upon taking it apart, there is a thick rubber piece that fits at the top of the motor between two gears. This rubber piece split, causing the gears not to work together as they should. This was my problem and no one makes new parts to fit.

I found Bill with Forsch Polymer Corp. through one of the parts vendors I use for my 1967 Thunderbird; he suggested I give him a call. Spoke to Bill and explained my dilemma; sent pictures of the part needing repair. Very soon after, I got a call from Bill telling me he could help me and to send the part along. He assured me he could fix the problem. I sent it and got it back in less than two weeks and let me say, it looks brand new; it fits perfectly in the motor housing and is the correct width for the gears to work properly. With these old Ford window motors, the existing rubber used, fails and the window no longer operates, although the motor is still good.

I can tell you that Bill and his guys at Forsch Polymer Corp. obviously know their stuff. I am going to recommend this "fix" to other T-Bird guy's I speak with, who need this or any similar parts repaired, where a polymer fill will work.

I wouldn't hesitate for a nano second in recommending this company. Bill is excellent to deal with and above all, 'Delivers what he promises'...

Thanks Dick Weckel in Raleigh, N.C.

I recently had the need to re-create the as the original was near impossible.  I had the steering wheel re-cast and wanted to a couple of companies on-line and Forsch
Polymer answered my request.

I have never cast anything before this so it was a learning experience.  I'm sure I did some things wrong but I'm still pretty pleased with the results.  I cast it in a 2 part mold.  The pictures show the results.  I had cast lines that I sanded with a 600 wet/dry paper then I smoothed it with 2000 wet/dry. The shine that this would have if it had just been cast is gone but I really wasn't expecting a high gloss shine.

Bill with Forsch Polymer was a great help. If I have a need to do any other casting during this restoration, he will be the first I contact !

Thanks so much
Larry Stephenson

I have used the 80A kit that you supply to and it worked great for filling a motor mount, but I have a new vehicle now and want to fill my motor mounts again.

Thank you,
Darcy Bloomer

The Kickastra Rally Team (see website years now to make stronger engine mounts for our rally cars. The first of our Vauxhall rally cars, an Astra MK2 GTE was run in standard form but suffered from a lot of engine standard mounts with 94A urethane. When we upgraded to the Mk3 Astra GSi in which we ran a modified engine and again used the 94A urethane to create stronger more durable engine mounts out of the standard ones. More recently we again upgraded the car to a MK4 Astra SRi which now sports a
240Hp engine and a sequential gearbox, and the choice for engine mounts was once more a standard mount filled with 94A urethane.

All these cars were based in Barbados and rallied extensively here. My brother who is based in
Germany also has a rally car, a MK4 Astra OPC, and this car was driven in 3 WRC rallies, Wales Rally GB in 2006 and 2007 and then the Neste Oil Rally Finland in 2009. In each case we used the 94A urethane for our engine mounts.

The urethane has proven easy to work with - so much so that while in our cabin on the ferry on the
way to do Rally Finland, we made up a couple of extras. While the urethane-filled mounts have been able to absorb the punishment of competitive rallying, they still have enough compliance that they do not transmit vibration into the car and we have never had a urethane-filled mount fail in any of our cars. Attached are a couple of photos of urethane-filled mounts on our current MK4 Astra SRi.


Adrian Linton
JAD Performance

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