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Amusement Waterparks
Chlorine Resistant

Due to recent changes within our OEM customer relationship agreements, Forsch Polymer Corp is now able to sell direct to the end user.  As the original manufacturer and supplier of NBGS and most recently WaterPark Experts, Forsch Polymer is now making waterpark systems directly available to you!

Systems # / Description

Data Sheets

Primer PRI 1050

Adhesive ADH1200 (Stag Adhesive)

URS2787 (Foam Coat)

A two component polyurethane system used extensively to coat foam play areas

in waterparks & dry play.

SDS ISO770A / AMN6040B


URS 7600 A&B (Color Top Coat)

URS 1560 (Clear Coat)


Dry Play
Child Resistant

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