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Rigid Specialty Systems
4000, 4100, 4200 and 4300 Series

Systems # / Description

Data Sheets

URS 4070

70D Durometer

Low Cost, Low Viscosity, Oil Modified, Rigid Casting System

URS 4270


70D Durometer

Low Cost, Low Viscosity, 1 To 1 By Weight, Unmodified, Rigid Casting System

URS 4375


75D Durometer

High-Modulus Clear Cast Molding System

URS 4275


75D Durometer

High-Modulus, Flame Retardant, Urethane Casting System

URS 4380


80D Durometer

Low Cost, Unmodified, High Impact Resistant Urethane Casting System

URS 4080


80D Durometer

Quick Set, High Impact-HDT Rim Prototype Polyurethane Casting System

URS 4180

83D Durometer

High-Modulus, High Temperature Resistant, Urethane Casting System

URS 4086

86D Durometer

Lower Viscosity Version of URS 4180

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